Methyl Anthranilate

Flavor Ingredients

Methyl Anthranilate, D-Limonene, Ethyl Propionate, Ethyl Maltol

We are engaged in supplying, exporting and importing broad range of Flavor Ingredients such as D-Limonene, Methyl Anthranilate,Ethyl Propionate, Ethyl Maltol, Isoamyl Acetate, Ethyl Vanillin, Methyl Salicylate etc. Our products are used in the market for their good quality, purity, longer self life, affordable rates and perfect use. Due to their powerful solvency, high volatility and mild odor, acetates are widely used as solvents for paints, coatings, adhesives, cellulose, plastics, fats, wood stains. Methyl Anthranilate is a pale yellow liquid with a fruity grape smell. It is used as a flavoring agent in candies, soft drinks, gums etc. D-Limonene is a by-product separated from the oil which is extracted from the rinds of citrus fruits. Pure D-Limonene is lighter than water and the color ranges from pale yellow to colorless. D-limonene is a natural flavor which is used in fruit juices, ice creams, pudding, bakery items etc giving them an orange fragrance. These are tested under the supervision of our experts to ensure their correctness. We provide products to our patrons in the promised time frame.